Why Choose UNO Management Services?

While UNO Management Services are a new team to the Northern Territory they are proud to say they are owned and operated in Darwin. Their wealth of experience comprising major clients such as: Gold Coast City Council; LandCorp; Department of Planning and Infrastructure; RioTinto; BHP.

Training and Development

UNO Management Services provide continuing professional development in house and through outside training providers. Team Member training is undertaken on an individual requirement basis. Training requirements for staff are discussed between the staff member and their manager at the team members biannual performance reviews. Any training requirements seen necessary for the team members’ current position or future positions are undertaken within 12 months.

Graduate Program

The graduate program for young engineers follows the Institute of Engineers graduate program providing graduate engineers with the opportunity to develop their skills to make their way to becoming a chartered professional engineer and a member of the institute of engineers.

The graduate program for young project managers or those wishing to become project managers follows the Project Management Institution graduate program providing graduates with the opportunity to develop their skills to make their way to becoming accredited Project Managers.

While there is no accreditation program for Environmental Scientist UNO Management Services provide a similar program for environmental scientists allowing them to develop their professional skills into divers environmental scientists or environmental specialists.

Mentoring Program

The mentoring program provides the opportunity for senior team members to take a younger team member under their wing and provide them with support and guidance on projects, professional development or just survival in their new world. The senior team member is not their immediate supervisor so this provides the graduate with more freedom to speak freely without fear of impact on their professional development.

Interested in Being Part of the Team?

We are currently seeking engineers, environmental scientists, and project managers at all levels who are innovative thinkers, team members, and have a positive attitude to life...........
.........do you fit the bill?

If so please contact us on:
Ph: 08 8947 2125
OR info@unoms.com.au


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