MVR Goyder Rd Office Modifications

Client:  Department of Construction and Infrastructure
Value:  $225K
Timeframe:  2010 - 2011

The Department of Construction and Infrastructure (DCI) engaged UNO Management Services (UNOMS) to deliver a program of Repairs and Maintenance and Minor New Works project on behalf of the Northern Territory Government.

As part of the program four projects were undertaken as two packages for the Goyder Road Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) office for the Department of Transport:

  • MVR Goyder Rd Upgrade Flooring in Back Office - Existing floor of the back office area is deteriorated and requires upgrading.
  • MVR Goyder Rd Upgrade to Outside Staff Area - The works at the outside staff area consists of modifying the existing brick wall around air condition unit, construction of new roof over the existing staff area and a ramp and landing at the existing stepped building entrance door.
  • MVR Goyder Rd Upgrade Dealer/Demerit Area Ground Floor - The opening between dealers section and the demerit system administration needs to be modified to allow three new offices to be built in this area. Five new doors are to be installed at dealers/ demerit administration sections and minor repairs are to be carried out around the area.
  • MVR Goyder Rd Theory and Store Room - Interview room, theory testing area and store room require relocation and other minor modifications to be carried out in the public facility building.

Kirsty was the Project Director responsible for overseeing the project from concept through implementation, attaining approval for the write back brief (WBB) and preparation of tender documentation. Ewan is the Project Manager responsible for undertaking existing infrastructure and building reviews; preparing cost estimates; negotiation building changes with the Client; designing modifications for various buildings at MVR Goyder Road; and attaining design sign-offs. Ranil is the design engineer responsible for preparing cost estimates. Ian is currently supervising the recently appointed Contractor on site.

Key Program Achievements:

  • The program team have been flexible enough to take on additional works to the project allowing numerous additional minor works and maintenance works to be completed as the same time as the original works package.
  • Projects were awarded quickly using the DCI panel procurement process.

Relevant Key Project Learnings:

  • Short project timeframes require a large amount of planning and thought in preparation of the tender so as to insure the project can run on time and to budget.
  • Constant Communication between client and contractor has allowed minimum disruption to essential operations.


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