Hinze Dam Stage 3

Client:  Gold Coast City  
Value:  $400M
Timeframe:  2008-2009

Hinze Dam Stage 3 involved the 15m raise of Hinze Dam. This included development and implementation of: detailed design of a dam wall rise, upgrade of infrastructure and headwork's, new infrastructure, upgrade of existing towers, upgrade of existing spill ways, Communication and Marketing Management Plan and Strategy, cost estimates, specification preparation, geotechnical assessments, flora and fauna surveys, preparation of EPBC referral document, preparation of NOI documents, water sampling, asset management and an environmental management plan. All works had to be undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Hinze Dam Alliance and the Gold Coast City Council so as to ensure the effective implementation and delivery of the Hinze Dam project for the Gold Coast Community.

The environmental assessment process involved the identification of hazardous waste material adjacent to the dam which had to be removed from adjacent to the drinking water source so as to not impact on the waterway.

Communications were directed to both internal and external stakeholders. Stakeholder included: internal Alliance employees, internal Gold Coast City Council employees, local government agencies, Gold Coast Water, Local and State media Groups, Minister Office, Mayor, Local Councillors, Department of Environment, Hinze Dam Community Reference Group, immediate community with in 0.5km, general community and Hinze Dam Community users of the Dam.

The detailed design process involved development of design drawings and specifications for the 15M dam wall raise, upgrade of existing infrastructure and headwork's, new infrastructure, upgrade of existing towers and upgrade of existing spill way.

Media design and development included: email, fact sheets, community presentation boards, monthly newsletters, numerous newspaper articles, use of monkey surveys to conduct client satisfaction surveys, community presentations, community presentation posters, website development and maintenance, newspaper articles for the CEO and the Mayor.

Key Project Achievements:

  • Project design phase was completed on time, and to a high quality standard.

  • Cost estimate for $450M was approved by the Gold Coast City Council and the Federal Government.

  • Design specifications were completed to a high quality standard.

  • Environmental impact assessment and environmental management plan was approved by the Federal Government for implementation.
  • Use of positive media techniques to continuously create a positive image of the project in the media and community.
  • Site was successfully cleaned-up with no impact on the drinking water facility
  • Positive responses from community members received in community surveys.


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