Onslow Industrial Development

Client:  WA Department of Resources
Value: $500M 
Timeframe:  2001 - 2002

This project involved the investigation of the Onslow area as a potential industrial development. Kirsty was the Project Manager responsible for day-to-day management of the project so as to ensure the project was completed on time, to a high quality and to budget. This included investigation: regional settings, landforms, water quality, noise impacts, flora and fauna; physical environment, social issues, extent of existing infrastructure and headwork's, concept design, preparation of order of costs of upgrades identification of new infrastructure and headwork's requirements, determining and infrastructure constraints, industry transport options, determining suitable industries, existing land use, need for and types of additional modelling and studies required, concept layout drawing, nominal staging schedule for industry development. The project was undertaken in close liaison with the client to ensure all potential issues were investigated.

Key Project Achievements:

  • Environmental analysis and engineering infrastructure gap analysis completed on time, to budget and to a high quality standard.
  • Need for airport infrastructure relocation was released early allowing Onslow shire to put in place steps to determine how to move the runway with the minimal disruptions to existing industry activities.


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