RioTinto - Tom Price


Client: RioTinto
Timeframe:  2003 -2005


 The Mount Tom price mine is owned by RioTinto. The mine was developed in  1996, and is a massive ore body 8km long and more than 1 km wide. The operation involves mining, crushing and dry proccessing high-grade rich hematite iron ore to produce lump and fines, which are blended into products at the port. The site has a concentrator (known as a beneficiation wet processing  plant) that upgrades lower grade ore material, and an associated tailings dam. In 2004 the mine moved over 45Mt of material, and producted over 18Mt of iron ore.

Kirsty was the Project Director for all hydrogeology, surface water and geotechnical engineering projects including resourcing and development across seven Pilbara Iron Sites. This involved the preparation, approval and management of a $30M operation and capital budget for 2005. During this time she was responsible for managing a staff of 15 consisting of hydrogeologist, geotechnical engineers and geotechnical technical officers across seven sites during an acquisition.

Works included the development of a detailed safety, risk and environmental management system within RioTInto's Intergrated Management System to run the  operations of the Hydrogeology and Geotechnical Engineering department. The management system included safety training, safety management, enviromental management, risk management, auditing and incident reporting and investigation.

Key Program Achievements:

  • Kirsty's team was awarded RioTinto's Excellence Award for outstanding safety management as a result of their contributions to the field of safety in engineering.
  • Effective Communication strategy meant that there were no surprises and everyone knew what was occurring.


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