Daly River Bridge

Client: Road Networks Division
Value:  $15M (Full project)
Timeframe:  2009 -2010

This project involved the design of a new high level bridge over the Daly River to improve year round access to local communities. Works included: engineeing infrastructure review ; development of a hydrology/ hydraulic model; detailed risk assessment (including enviromental, infrastructure, safety, ect.); environmental assessment; community engagement; and delivery of a detailed design. Kirsty was the Senior Porject Manager responsible for day-to-day management of the project for the Civil Construction Division of the Department of Construction and Infrastructure so as to ensure the project was completed on time to a high quality, and to budget. This included Project Management of the environmental impact assessment; development of enviromental management solutions; review of the development of a hydrology/ hydraulic model results; risk assessment and management; preparing cost estimates; construction risk indentification; development and implementation of the Communication Plan; financial management, attaining additional funding to progress the works to construction, and liaising with the client and numeros government agencise to ensure the most suitable solution is implemented.

Key Project Achievements:

  • Environmental factor analysis was undertaken on time, to budget and to a high quality standard.
  • Community consultation successfully identified additional and level of environmental risks.
  • Group risk assesssment successfully identified a number of infrastructure issues that could be addressed by the design team prior to construction.

 Project Learning:

  • Development of good quality relationships in remote area can save time on a number of sites visits and provide smooth delivery of the information and data.
  • It is important that the person developing the hydrology/hydraulic model is in Darwin so that they can interact with key stake holders, visit the site and interact effectively with the Client, this was not achievable by the modelling team provided by the Consultant.



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