Yandi Village Upgrade

Client:  RioTinto
Value: $15M 
Timeframe:  2004

Kirsty was the Senior Project Manager responsible for the upgrade of the Yandi Village working with the Yandi Village management team, including: the design and installation of new rooms for staff and contractors, associated utility upgrade, provision of a new kitchen facilities, development of an asset and maintenance register for identification of assets and their maintenance requirements and provision of additional 12 offices. Also responsible for: attaining funds for the work, contractor management, financial management, monthly reporting, attaining funding to progress the works and liaising with the end user to ensure the most suitable solution is implemented.

Key Program Achievements:

  • Engineering design completed on time, to budget and to a high quality standard.
  • Funding was maximized to include the upgrade of the kitchen by working closely with stakeholders without the need to request additional funding.
  • Despite high competition for funding the project was able to get off the ground by inviting key funding approvers to visit site and experience poor quality accommodation.

Relevant Key Project Learnings:

  • Site location and building orientation need to be established at the commencement of the project so as to ensure that the limitation on building services can be correctly understood at an early stage in the project.
  • Local stakeholders have the knowledge of the project area and the ability to fill information gaps which may not be filled by other stakeholders. Therefore it is important that a range of stakeholders be contacted regarding the project.


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