City Northern Bypass

Client:  Boulderston Clough
Value: $230M(Total Contract Value)
Timeframe:   1996-2000

City Northern Bypass Involved the construction of a tunnel under the city of Perth in WA. As part of these works the site had to be decontamination and dewatered as a result of previous heavy industrial land uses of the area. Project involved:
Identification of previous land and uses and potential hazardous materials; locating contaminated material, excavation and removal of various classes of contaminated material to Red Hill and Thomas Road landfills, testing for contamination of the site until the whole site was classed as clean and treatment of dewatering water.

Kirsty was the Environmental Manager for the project responsible for undertaking detailed environmental investigations of the potential for contaminated  materials, both the soil and dewatering water, along the City Northern Bypass alignment. Historical searches of archives, discussions with land owners and community consultation methods were used to determine past land uses in order to determine what types of contaminated materials were present and how to best manage it. As a result of the investigation contaminated soil materials ranging from Class 3 to a Class 4 and contaminated dewatering water treated on site or moved off site.

Key Project Achievements:

  • Management of a contaminated site in the middle of a city area with minimal complaints.
  • Attaining a "clean" site certificate for the whole site.


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