GEMCO Capital Works Projects

Client:  BHP - GEMCO Mine
Value:  $45M
Timeframe:  2007-2009

GEMCO Capital Works portfolio which included a portfolio of civil, structural  and mechanical engineering projects including: GEMCO civil infrastructure upgrades maintenance works, access roads, structural assessments, process plant upgrades, pot upgrade and process water retention modifications.

Cameron was the Portfolio Manager and Superintendent Representative responsible for managing a small team of 7 (including Project Managers, Contract supervisors and designers) to develop the projects from concept through design and implementation.  He was responsible for engaging with Clients on a regular basis to ensure all expectations were achieved. This responsibility also included safety, financial reporting, portfolio management, project management and leadership of the Alliance team in Darwin Office with high level communication skills.

Key Program Achievements:

  • Engineering infrastructure gap analysis completed on time, to budget and to a high quality standard.
  • Completion of maintenance projects on time, to a high quality standard and to budget.
  • Need for port infrastructure upgrade was released early allowing GEMCO to put in place steps to determine how to upgrade the port area with minimal disruptions to shipping activities.
  • Tailings dam and infrastructure up upgrades were implemented with no incidents.
  • Completion of various engineering designs undertaken on time, to budget and to a high quality standard.
  • Achievement of zero safety incidents on all projects.



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